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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rant, Rant, Bitch, Bitch

It's too early for a Fuck You! Friday post, so I just have to do a WTF Wednesday post instead. I was so pissed off, I couldn't wait until Friday. Buckle your seatbelts. Here it comes....

Back in December we refinanced everything became debt free and bought the loser cruiser. We also intended to buy out our current car. The lease is up in June, but June is a really bad financial month. So instead we bought it out in March... or so I thought.

We had been trying since December to get someone, anyone, to return our calls. What I wanted to know was how much it would cost to buy the remainder of the lease out and fully pay off the car. Between the husband and I we made 6 calls. None of them were returned. The only way we got a call returned was when the husband called the leasing company directly and told them that no one would call us back. We finally got a call in March. 3 months after we first tried to get a return call. We made the appointment to come in a purchase the car. Our appointment was for 6:30 in the evening. We arrived at 6:20. We were told it would be a couple of minutes. No problem since we were early. We didn't actually get to see the guy until 7:30. I was fuming. First he told us they had to put the car "into the system". Hello!!!! you have had 5 years to put it in the system. I am pretty sure I could have done it in 10 minutes. The truth of the matter was that they were having a "staffing issue" (emphasis and deduction is mine). The one salesman was beet red and kept storming out of the building. He was then followed by the guy we were supposed to be seeing. This went on for a hour. Hello! Deal with your fucking staffing problem on your time not mine. Did I mention we were the only non employees in the building at the time. Why the hell couldn't they have dealt with us first and then their staffing issue? By the time the guy decided to actually sell the fucking car, I was boiling mad. He was trying to be funny ( I guess). I was in no mood. I had made another appointment for 7:30 that night thinking we would be long gone by then. Leasing the car in the first place did not take as long as this did. I had to call and cancel my appointment.This did not make me a happy camper. I guess it has been a long time since I was in business and sales but it seems to me that if someone wants to purchase something from you, you should maybe, I don't know, let them give you money. I guess I don't understand the way of the world nowadays.

Once the salesman graced us with his presence and attention, I noted in the final papers that we were being charged a $350 administration fee. I didn't like it but sometimes you just have to bend over and take it up the ass.

The salesman then kept after us that we needed to change the insurance immediately! WE needed to take their name off as the owner of the vehicle. Well, if he had actually seen us when our appointment was instead of making us wait an hour, we could have done it that night. Thanks to him fucking around for a hour, it was too late that night to do it. I told the ass I would do it the next day. He kept bugging me about it. The day after, he phoned me at home and asked me if I had done it yet. I had, but I was tempted to tell him I would assign to it as much importance as he had to our customer needs. I didn't since I thought that would probably go over his head. He then told me he wanted it faxed to him ASAP. I told him he would have to wait since I was at home and did not have access to a fax machine and I wasn't about to purchase one just to make him happy. ( Think I was slightly bitchy by then?) We faxed the copy of the insurance to him to prove we had changed the ownership and stupidly thought that was that. This morning I got a call from our bank. It seems we were slightly overdrawn. This occured because STUPID FUCKING KIA TOOK THE CAR PAYMENT OUT OF THE BANK! The fucking car has been paid in full and they are still trying to take more money out of our account. I informed the bank manager what had happened. He looked at our account and saw the cheque that we used to pay for the car IN FULL was cashed last month. He said he would reverse the payment but could not reverse the service charge. I understood that but I do not understand why the hell I paid KIA $350 for administration when they didn't do fuck all. Now I have to go back to making 16 fucking calls to try and get my call returned to demand they return my payment money that they took and should not have and get them to ensure that they don't fuck it up again next month. I am so mad! Of course no one will return my calls. I should tell them (if I ever get to talk to someone) that I want my payment money back along with all service charges I have incurred from the bank and I want my $350 administration fee back too since I have to do the work for them. I know good luck with that but it just makes me so angry!!! I could spit nails!

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the car. The KIA has actually been a very good car. I however will never buy another one from them. Customer service is an oxymoron to them. Maybe it is because they are morons. Who knows.

Thus concludes my WTF WEDNESDAY rant. Thanks for tuning in.