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Friday, August 15, 2008


Who would have guessedd that my last two posts would collide a horrific way? Last week the "Christians who missed a few chapters of the Bible" (and I use the term Christians loosely) tried to protest at the funeral of Tim McLean. Sometimes I think people totally missed their lessons in basic human decency. This was a tragic, horrible death. Poor Tim's family was travelling through a hell on earth that no one should ever be subjected to and these morons judge that their hell isn't enough. They felt they needed to add to their pain. I cannot describe the disgust I felt upon hearing their plans. I was however, so proud of my city. Hundreds of people showed up to protect this family. People who had never met Tim. Decent people. From what I have heard within hours of these subhumans announcing their intentions, a Facebook group popped up denouncing this. The rally cry went out. Even the politicians picked it up. The border guards were told to turn back anyone they came across remotely related to this group. The media were up in arms. If you read between the lines, I felt even the local police force ( while they couldn't encourage people to come out and protect the family) were all for a large attendance at the funeral. Such a big deal was made out of this that the Spokesperson (again I use the term "person" loosely) for this group was quoted as saying they couldn't wait to get out of Canada. They were not welcome here and feared for their saftey. GOOD! GET OUT AND STAY OUT!

The end result was this hate group didn't even show up at the funeral, but hundreds of people did show up to protect this family from further pain. Once again I am so proud of my city!

I hope this hate group got the message and never set foot in my country again. Our local paper has printed numerous letters from Americans embarrassed that this group can even claim they are Americans. I hope most Americans know that we as a city know that they are an abberation and do not represent most good hearted Americans.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Canada Mourns

The story still makes me a little queasy. Earlier this week there was tradgedy on our highways. Not far from my hometown, on a Greyhound bus a young man full of promise lost his life. Not an accident a horrible murder. Just like something out of a horror movie. It is stil unreal to me. Unfortunetly for the family of this young man, this horror is real. It is a horror they will not wake up from. Words cannot express how I feel. I wish I could reach out to this family. I do not know them, but I wish with all my being that I could ease their pain somehow. Funny how human nature is like that. I am not really sure what I am trying to say here. I guess I just need to get it out. I cannot write out all the details of this horrible murder. I can't even read the stories in the paper anymore. I am horrified at what one human being can do to another. I understand their is mental health issues here but still...

If you want to read the story yourself the details are .here. Be warned, it is a gruesome story. Pray for this family please