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Monday, June 25, 2007


This twister happened on Friday. As it turned out, I had taken my kids to the batting cages about 10 miles from there. They weren't worried, but I was. I had to bribe them to leave. Ice cream works wonders.

In case you were wondering, we are all safe. There were no fatalities, but, I believe, there were four houses destroyed.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Yes my fellow readers (all two of you), it is that time of the week again. The time when I get to vent my spleen and hope I feel better about it.

Yup, it is FUCK YOU, FRIDAY !

I have a few things I would like to give the one finger salute to. Right now we are in the middle of a 10 day stretch of baseball. Baseball foe at least one kid every day for 10 days. Then we get one day off and we start again. The playoffs start this weekend, then the city championship, followed by the provincials. Don't forget about the practices and the make up games for the games that were rained out. I am not playing but frankly, I am exhausted.

My daughters were to go to Denver this summer with this girl's club they had joined. They were looking forward to it, now they have changed their minds. I am okay with this cuz I really can't afford the trip. However, the leader of this group is royally pissed off at me. I warned her last week that the girls were starting to change their minds and maybe she should try to build it up as a trip full of fun. I guess she forgot about our conversation. Plus if my girls don't go, two other girls don't want to go. I can understand the leader's frustration but I will not force my 9 year old girls to go to another country with people they are not comfortable with to do something they really don't need or want to do. This morning the leader pretty much hung up on me. She is so angry with me because the girls don't want to go. I told her I would talk to them again and see if I can convince them to go, but the girls are pretty positive they do not want to go.

I was supposed to start a new course this week. SUPPOSED TO were the key words in that sentence. The class was to begin on Tuesday night. Tuesday afternoon, I got the call that the course has been cancelled AGAIN! This is the third time. I am starting to get really pissed off here. They told me I can switch to distance education if I wanted to. That is basically correspondense courses. Hello! School is out in one week. When would I ever find t he quiet time to do the work. Not going to happen. When I called them and told them I wanted my money back because I was not doing distance ed, they lady on the phone was royally ticked at me. Hey lady, you guys cancelled the course THREE TIMES not me.

,/P> One week left of school and the rugrats are out. Yesterday, I asked the only mom I hadn't heard from yet, when her holidays were so I can plan my summer and the activities for the kids. She then informed me that she wouldn't need me this summer. When did she plan on telling me this? Next friday? That is over $1000 of income I was counting on that will not be coming now. How fair is that? If I was a real bitch I would charge her to hold her spot for September. Granted her kids are brats and it will be alot quieter here without them but unexpected drop in income is going to hurt.

In honor of all of these things, I browsed through Photobucket and found this picture that sums up how I am feeling perfectly. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Think of me stuck at baseball.



Thursday, June 21, 2007


Info from the Doctor

A little old woman called Mount Sinai Hospital. She said, "Mount Sinai Hospital? Hello. Darling, I'd like to talk with the person who gives the information about the patients. But I don't want to know if the patient is better or doing like expected, or worse, I want all the information from top to bottom, from A to Z."

The voice on the other end of the line said, "Would you hold the line, please, that's a very unusual request?"

Then a very authoritative voice came on and said, "Are you the lady who is calling about one of the patients?"

She said, "Yes, darling! I'd like to know the information about Sarah Finkel, in room 302."

He said, "Finkel. Finkel. Let me see. Feinberg, Farber - Finkel. Oh yes, Mrs. Finkel is doing very well. In fact, she's had two full meals, her doctor says if she continues improving as she is, he is going to send her home Tuesday at twelve o'clock."

The woman said, "Thank God! That's wonderful! She's going home at twelve o'clock! I'm so happy to hear that. That's wonderful news."

The guy on the other end said, "From your enthusiasm, I take it you must be one of the close family?"

She said, "What close family? I'm Sarah Finkel! My doctor don't tell me nothing!"

...ain't it the truth

Friday, June 15, 2007


This has to be my favorite Propagahndi songs of all time. I know it can be a little hard to understand, but the message in this song is deep.

Propagandhi Lyrics

Refusing To Be A Man Lyrics

i'm not going to try to tell you that i'm different from all the rest. i've been subject to the same de-structure of desire and i've felt the same effects; i'm a hetero-sexist tragedy. and potential rapists all are we. but don't tell me this is natural. this is nurturing. and there's a difference between sexism and sexuality. i had different desires prior to my role-remodelling. and at six years of age you don't challenge their claims. you become the same. (or withdraw from the game and hang your head in shame). i think that's exactly what i did. i tried to sever the connections between me and them. i fought against their further attempts to convince a kid that birthright can bestow the power to yield the subordination of women and do you know what patricentricity means? i found out just a couple of days ago. it means male values uber alles and hey! whaddaya know... sex has been distorted and vilified. i'm scared of my attraction to body types. if everything desired is objectified then eroticism needs to be redefined. and i refuse to be a "man". dead men don't rape. a gender war in your fucking face. a battle hymn to celebrate the fact that we don't have to become or remain what we've come to hate...

Monday, June 11, 2007


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