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Monday, July 06, 2009

I Need A Vacation

Help! I am trapped in a house with three 2 year olds all yelling "MINE". I am starting to think it would be easier to ref a UFC Fight. Or at least less dangerous. Note to self; Never get between two 2 year olds fighting over a bottle. You will end up with a black eye.

Baseball season is still going and going and going and going... when will it be gone? The boy is not happy. If his team wins their next game, they are going to the Provincials. He does not want to go to Provincials. He has missed so much work already for ball he doesn't want to miss anymore. Especially since they don't win a lot of games. What a shock it would be if they actually made it. The girl's original season has ended but she was picked up by a different team. Hopefully that will be over by the weekend. I am exhausted from spending my weekends running from one game to the next. Between two players and an ump, we were at 8 games this weekend. I really need a vacation.

The boy is trying to kill me from stress. A few weeks ago he arrived home in handcuffs. The story goes earlier in the week he had been playing ( a modern version of ) cops and robbers with his sister. He had been wearing his jacket and stuffed the toy gun in his pocket. He didn't wear his jacket again until the day it was raining. He left the house to go to the bank to cash his paycheck. On the way home, he stuck his hand in his pocket and realized something was in it. He pulled out this stupid gun. He shoved it back in his pocket and continued on his way. (This part of the story I got from the Police) Someone saw his pull the "gun" out and since he was wearing a track suit thought he was a gang member and had a gun. They called the police. Three cruisers and six police officers were called out. They pulled their guns on him and put cuffs on him. After they searched him they found his Blackberry and a lot of cash so they started yelling at him to tell them where the drugs were. He kept telling them there wasn't any. When the realized he was telling the truth they brought him home. The nice police officer held me up when my legs collapsed when they told me the story. I told them his Grandma had gotten him the phone and the money was from his paycheck. The other officer said they had already determined that. He was not charged with anything since he wasn't guilty of anything other than stupidity. Of course the whole neighborhood saw him brought home in the police car in handcuffs. They seemed surprised that the boy was not in their system. I am not sure if I should be happy or pissed off. Yes he was stupid to leave the house with a toy and yes it did look bad but assuming because he wears a track suit that he is a gang memeber kinda upsets me. Did I mention I need a vaction? A nice looonnnggg vacation.