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Saturday, December 23, 2006


As you all settle down with family and friends this Christmas Season I ask one thing of you . When you are safe in bed, please say a prayer for our troops far from home. Send them your best wishes and prayers for their safety. Pray they will all come home safe and sound. Pray for their families who are making sacrifices too. Please keep them all in your thoughts. MAY YOU ALL HAVE A SAFE AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

My Version of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the Twelveth day of Christmas, the season brought to me....

Twelve insane in - laws

Eleven cards to write

Ten loads of dishes

Nine unwrapped presents

Eight parking tickets

Seven Children fighting

Six unbought presents


Four Christmas Concerts

Three kids with strept throat

Two tons of chocolate


Who has time for this? Have you read what is going on around here?!?!


Thursday, December 21, 2006


I stole this from Honkie2. I thought it was kind of appropriate for the season. Merry Christmas Y'all! Philosophical Drunk
What Kind of Drunk Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is coming.... Ready or not

WOW, only 5 more days til Christmas. The pressure is on now.

This week was the school Christmas Concert. You have to love it. The concert this year was a multicultural celebration... or something like that. A comedy of errors is more like it. First of all there are 300 white kids trying to act like they have some sense of rythmn. Face it, they don't! One part of the concert had the kids banging drums to a Kwanzaa song. It would have been really good if they had ANY musical talent. Unfortunetly, one drummer finnished before the singers did, the other three were playing their own songs I think. Then there were the two kids who were trying to keep the beat and almost fell off the stage. For one part of it, they were supposed to sway to the music. Do you remember those desk games people used to have? The game with the silver balls that would knock into each other? That is what these kids looked liked. They were each going opposite directions. It was hilarious! The children were all very proud of themselves. You have to give the wonderful music teacher credit. She did her best with musically challenged white kids. All in all it was a nice evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

With the good always comes the bad. My sweet little girl had an accident at school yesterday. We finally got the bully thing worked out and she goes and hurts herself. I was up to my ears in xmas baking when I got the call. "You had better come to the school right away. We think your daughter has broken her arm.". Wonderful. Off we went. Three cheers for our wonderful medical system. When we arrived at the hospital, we waited for a half an hour before we even spoke to anyone. That was just to get her name on the list. Upon talking to the lady next to us, we knew we were in trouble. Her husband had come into the hospital at 2 am. He was only getting xrays then (15 hours later). The nurse at the desk, suggested we go somewhere else. Then the dilema starts. I didn't want to take her to the Children's hospital. In the paper that morning was a story of how a woman was robbed inside the hospital attached to the children's hospital at knifepoint.( What a great society we live in. I am bleeding profusely from a vital organ but sure take my wallet.) I was considering taking my daughter to the city my parents live in. It is a smaller city about an hour away. Fortunetly, by now, my girl was able to move her elbow more. So we guessed it wasn't broken. Instead, we ended up at a walk in clinic. We only waited for an hour. Not bad. The good news is that her elbow is not broken just a bad sprain. Hooray! No cast for Christmas!

That has been our life in a nutshell. Whew!

Friday, December 15, 2006


You're Totally Sarcastic
You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny. Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it. And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitutde, then too bad. So sad.


I was in a such a good mood. Was being the key word there. This week, I had a friend come and visit me. I hadn't seen her in almost 10 years. I was a little nervous about seeing her again. We had lost touch and only reconnected this summer. It was kind of like inviting a stranger over. About 2 minutes after she got here we picked up where we left off. It was great seeing her again. I got to meet her two children. They were adorable. The little boy walked in the house and started talking and didn't stop. When I was telling my husband about it, he said" He is just his Mom isn't he". That visit made me so happy! I am looking forward to seeing them again. Next time I hope to meet her husband. I knew her ex husband from high school. She tells me her new husband is completely different. That is wonderful too.

I am almost finnished my xmas cards, my daughter's school pictures finally came, my daughter finnished 6th in her Provincial Bowling Tournament,Jack and Mistify got engaged, and I am almost done my shopping. (Honkie, I like the idea of gift cards for everyone). I was flying high. Everything was going great. I should have known it wouldn't last.

Then things started to go wrong. First I went to the store to buy milk. The Four litre jug slipped out of my hands and hit the floor. I don't know if you have ever tried this but when this milk jug hits the floor from a distance, it doesn't just break..... it explodes!! It exploded everywhere. It went all over me and my daughter and up the drink cooler. My daughter is screaming " It is in my eyes! I can't see!" Nothing like drawing attention to us. Do you think this could happen in a small corner of the store? Not a chance. This is right in front of the cashier. How embarrassing. When I tried to pick up the jug, it had split down the side and gushed everywhere. Nothing like making things worse. Then I took my daughters to Timmies for a hot chocolate and a donut. When my daughter was trying to get into the car she dropped her donut in a puddle. My week went downhill from there.

My good friend sent me an email at 2Am to say her Dad had a blood clot in his leg that has moved to this lungs. She was leaving immediately for Arizona. It doesn't sound good. I am so worried for her. Either way it is going to suck for her. Either her Dad doesn't make it till Xmas or he does and she misses Xmas with her kids. I hope her Dad recovers. Then my other friend's son was waiting for me at school to telll me his Grandma had a heartattack last night. His Dad spent the night at the hospital. She is still alive, but that is all I know right now. Serious illness is terrible anytime of the year but it really bites during Xmas.

My daughter has been having a hard time at school lately. There is a boy in her class she is really scared of. He has threatened to bring a knife to school to use on her. ( Did I mention they are 9?) He keeps making threatening motions to her. He pushes her into walls. She has a bruise on her stomach and a scrape on her knee from him. I have complained to the teacher, principal and guidance cousellor. So far nothing has happened and I don't hold any hope it will. They have a Safe School program. It is supposed to prevent bullying. Basically it is lip service provided by left wing moonbats. It is great in theroy, but they never put it into action. If they had, when this boy threatened my daughter with a knife, the Social Worker, Parents and Police should have been involved. Never happened. Now I have to pull my daughter out of bed screaming every morning. She is terrified to go to school. Thank God there is only 6 days left til Xmas break. When I spoke to the teacher, she told me my daughter retailiates with the threat that she will get her brother to come to school and beat up the boy. First of all, that wouldn't happen second of all, what do you expect her to do? She is terrified and the school won't protect her. She needs to do something to make her feel safer. I am at a loss here.

Basically, I need to offer the whole world a big FU! For now, I will settle for sending it to the item that started it all...Milk

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


The Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas,

He lived all alone,

In a one bedroom house,

Made of plaster and stone.

I had come down the chimney,

With presents to give,

And to see just who,

In this home did live.

I looked all about,

A strange sight I did see,

No tinsel, no presents,

Not even a tree.

No stocking by the mantle,

Just boots filled with sand,

On the wall hung pictures,

Of far distant lands.

With medals and badges,

Awards of all kinds,

A sober thought,

Came through my mind.

For this house was different,

It was dark and dreary,

I found the home of a soldier,

Once I could see clearly.

The soldier lay sleeping,

Silent, alone,

Curled up on the floor,

In this one bedroom home.

The face was so gentle,

The room in such disorder,

Not how I pictured,

A Canadian soldier.

Was this the hero,

Of whom I'd just read?,

Curled up on a poncho,

The floor for a bed?

I realized the families,

That I saw this night,

Owed their lives to these soldiers,

Who were willing to fight.

Soon round the world,

The children would play,

And grownups would celebrate,

A bright Christmas day.

They all enjoyed freedom,

Each month of the year,

Because of the soldiers,

Like the one lying here.

I couldn't help wonder,

How many lay alone,

On a cold Christmas eve,

In a land far from home.

The very thought brought,

A tear to my eye,

I dropped to my knees,

And started to cry.

The soldier awakened,

And I heard a rough voice,

Santa, don't cry,

This life is my choice.

I fight for freedom,

I don't ask for more,

My life is my god,

My country, my corps."

The soldier rolled over,

And drifted to sleep,

I couldn't control it,

I continued to weep.

I kept watch for hours,

So silent and still,

And we both shivered,

From the cold night's chill.

I didn't want to leave,

On that cold, dark night,

This guardian of honour,

So willing to fight.

Then the soldier rolled over,

With a voice, soft and pure,

Whispered, "carry on Santa,

It's Christmas day, all is secure."

One look at my watch,

And I knew he was right,

Merry Christmas my friend,

And to all a good night."

This poem was written by a peace keeping soldier stationed overseas. The following is his request. I think it is reasonable. PLEASE. Would you do me the kind favour of sending this to as many people as you can? Christmas will be coming soon and some credit is due to our Canadian service men and women for our being able tocelebrate these festivities. Let's try in this small way to pay atiny bit of what we owe. Make people stop and think of our heroes, living and dead, who sacrificed themselves for us. Please, do your small part to plant this small seed.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Soundtrack of my Life

The soundtrack to your life (stolen from Tattooed Pink Lady)

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that's playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Waking Up: "Last Call Casualty"- Bowling For Soup

First Day at School: "Mr. Roboto" - Styx

Falling In Love: "Save Tonight" - Eagle Eye Cherry

Fight Song: "Refugee" - Tom Petty

Breaking Up: "The Break up Song" - Greg Kihn Band

Prom: "Lips Of An Angel" - Hinder

Life: "On A Night Like This" - Trick Pony

Breakdown: "Razorblade Kiss" - His Infinite Majesty (HIM)

Driving: "Mama Let Him Play" - Jerry Doucette

Flashback: "Pretty Fly For A White Guy" - The Offspring

Wedding: "Because Of You" - Kelly Clarkson

Birth of Child: "Sold" - John Micheal Montgomery

Final Battle: "Goodie Two Shoes" - Adam Ant

Death Scene: "U and UR Hand" - Pink

Funeral Song: "Closing Time" - Green Day

Now I have tagged you. Let me know if you played along.


You are 100% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

How Canadian Are You?
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My favorite Lord of the Idiots, this test is for you. Now you can prove deep down, you are a REAL Canadian.

Friday, December 08, 2006

I had a great post ready for Fuck You Fridays. Now I have to change it slightly. FUCK YOU TO BLOGGER AND BLOGGER BETA!!!!! It won't let me add a picture and it won't let me add anything to my sidebar! It pisses me off. I am sorry I switched to beta. It is nothing but a huge pain in the ass.

I will have to continue without a picture. You will have to use your imagination.

My original fuck you was instant. As soon as I read the front page of our local newspaper. There on the front page was a story that made my blood boil. One of our brave boys (and girls) in blue was shot yesterday in the line of duty. There is no update to his status. I am hoping and praying it is not serious. These brave people put their lives on the line day after day. They deal with the lowest level of humanity. They see things that would make the rest of sick. Just because they are our protectors, people want to see them hurt. The police services do the hard work for little or no appreciation.

My huge Fuck you is sent to the scum that sent three of these brave officers to the hospital. There is a hot spot in hell reserved for people like that.

I am asking you all pray for these brave officers. Pray for their health and safety.

I hope yall have a safe and wonderful weekend. Now fuck off!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Which God or Goddess are you?
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Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love
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Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Morning

Another busy weekend has past bringing us closer and closer to Christmas. My mind is on Christmas alot lately. This weekend was filled with Christmas activities. I finnished setting up my tree. It is fake. I know that will disgust some people but that is the way it is. Frankly, the smell of Christmas trees and cat urine are the same to me. I now have a tree that is prelit. Thank God! I hate putting the lights on the tree. I have three strands of lights. When tested individually, they work. When tested together they work. Place them on the tree, they stop working. This is the point where I start kicking the tree across the room and my family disappears. This year, the tree took no time at all to put up. I love those prelit trees. One less aggravation! The person who created them is a hero to me.

The husband's Christmas party was Saturday night. It wasn't as bad as I expected. The two couples I know the best, were not going so I was a little worried how I was going to make small talk with people I don't know and don't care about for three to four hours. Turns out, we sat at a table with three great couples. Two are grandparents and the other couple is younger than me and dating. Really nice people.

Sunday my daughter's school choir was performing in the division " Annual Candle Light Christmas Choir Concert" Try saying that three times fast. I don't understand why they call it candle light. There wasn't a candle in the building. The senior choir was fantastic. They had a male and female soloist. wow! I always admire people who can sing. In my family, they consider it my gift if I DON'T sing Happy Birthday to them. I guess we are lucky here. It is still called a Christmas Choir concert. They sang traditional Christmas carols.My daughters have a Christmas concert and the school puts up a Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. My son's school is a little more ethnically diverse. They don't call the band concert a Christmas band concert, but the spirit is still there. There are many choruses of Merry Christmas heard too. My son's school does a good job of incorporating all traditions in both the concert and their daily school activities.

The holiday visiting has begun. Now I really have to get off my butt and do a good cleaning in my house. I guess I should get off here and start. Have a good week all!

Friday, December 01, 2006


Fuck you fridays are here again! Thank god because I have alot of them to send out this week.

Let's start with the weather, shall we. It has been hovering around ............(-32C )this week. Like a true Canadian, I don't mind the two feet of snow that fell. What I hate is the cold. It is inhumane to expect people to go outside when it is that cold. Unless we begin to hiberate (don't think it hasn't crossed my mind), or suddenly grow a bear coat, how can we survive the cold?

So my first fuck you is sent out to cold weather! FUCK YOU!

This brings me to my next Fuck You! I have developed a wonderful headcold. I cannot breathe. I hate that. I am quickly running out of Kleenex and it is too cold to walk to the store. Fuck You cold season

My next one is sent out to mice! In case I have never mentioned it before, I am scared of mice. Mickey may be cute, I don't want to live with him! I went out one night. When I got home, the kids met me at the door and announced the cat had caught a mouse. At first I thought " at least it is better than last winter". Last winter our cat caught a mouse and deposited it in the middle of the living room. Great, except we had company at the time. I never understood what the problem was. They got a floor show. Funny, they never came back..... I digress. Apparently, the cat would catch the mouse, run into MY bedroom and let it go. Then she would chase it more. Damn it cat! Just catch it and kill it already. Get it out of my bedroom!!!!! I knew I wouldn't sleep until it was caught. The good news was it made me quickly clean up under my bed so the cat had a clear shot at the mouse. ( I had been putting off that job for a while anyway. I also spent the next day cleaning out my closet for the same reason. At least the mouse was motivating). I had just climbed into bed and settled in for the night, when there was a lound bang. The cat was off again in hot pursuit. This time she corned the mouse in an old gym bag. I made my husband get dressed and take the whole thing out of the house. I told him, I wouldn't get any sleep if he didn't. If I didn't get any sleep, neither would he. Between the husband and the cat, the mouse has left this world. RIP little mouse. Next time stay out of my house! So here is my FUCK YOU to mice!

I have a few more, but I will save them for next week. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a happy FUCK YOU FRIDAY!!